Carnival is one of the festivals most attractive and charm of Venice, its origins date back to the eleventh century, when it gave space to the representations of comedies in the theaters and to the preparation of stages in the fields, in particular in the Riva degli Schiavoni which was invaded by acrobats and street actors, citizens wore costumes and masks, hiding their identities canceling so
‘social classes and religions, taking on a new appearance, people could be what’ they wanted.
It was in the age of Goldoni and Casanova that Carnival reached its maximum splendor. The festivals, performances, masks, theaters, house. Public game transformed the city into a magnet of Europe. The festivities lasted months. To see there are parties that organize outdoors in various squares or those at the Palace, the Festival of Marie, the Angel Flight, the Regatta of the masks.
Today the carnival event lasts ten days, during the month of February, the show confirmed its international reputation and the peak days the turnout in the city of tourists and curious exceeds one hundred thousand visitors.