In 2015 Marinella and Stefano decided to start a business in the tourism sector.
Both lovers of their Venice, aware of living in a spectacular and unique city in the world, they wants to present to visitors the opportunity to experience the city in the beautiful Venetian houses, so allowing to integrate with the people, culture and tradition of Venice.
The visitor will be guided step by step so that they can fully enjoy the city, its festivals, its religious events, its international art events and will be advised on where to taste the real Venetian cuisine, will have the possibility of cruising along the canals or discover the beauty of the lagoon.
So, the experience of a holiday at our apartments, will be at the end unique and extraordinary.

Life in Venice in addition to manage tourist apartments, they work with real estate professionals who will be able to find the property on yours needs, as well as opportunity of investment.
For more information, please contact us, we will advise you and direct you to one of our professional local partners.

The “Life in Venice” project was born with the intention to offer to the owner of an apartment in Venice the opportunity of a safe investment in the short term in the tourist location, this is possible thanks to a professional and responsible management that values the estate.
The idea is to offer guests a holiday immersed in an art city as Venice, offering a quality service in enhancing respect for the rules and for the apartment offered to him.
The constant passion in what we do, in promoting his home, across international web channels, honesty and transparency of our management, competence and experience demonstrated over time, is recognized and appreciated, and pushes us to improve every day our project.
The staff of Life in Venice, gives you the peace and serenity you’ve been looking in the modern management of your property.